Resort and Urban Property Valuation Consultants
244 2nd Avenue N., Suite 9
St. Petersburg, Fl  33701
Telephone (760) 413-5011


University of Kentucky, B.A., 1975
Business Administration and Economics
Law Student, JD Candidate,
Saratoga University


MAI Member, Appraisal Institute
Committee Member, Experience Review for MAI Designation
Member, International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
Member, National Association of Realtors
Member, California Association of Realtors
Member, Certified Divorce Planners

Expert Witness:

Superior Court of California
U.S. District Court
Federal Bankruptcy Court
Administrative Law


Commercial Appraiser
Associate with R.W. Crabtree, MAI (1972-1980)

Dozier Appraisal Company
Resort & Urban Property Appraiser – Owner (1980-2015)


Guest Instructor: University of Kentucky; Courses Taught Corporate Finance and The Time Value of Money.

Continuing Education:
Subdivision Analysis; Litigation Valuation; Discounted Cash Flow; Economy and Local Trends;
Architecture and Construction; FIRREA Law; Current Issues in Appraising; Summary and
 Restricted reports; Special Purpose Property Appraisals – Going-Concern & Business Value;
 Subdivision Analysis; Fast Food Restaurant Valuation; “Benefits” in Eminent Domain
 Property Valuations; Attacking & Defending an Appraisal in Litigation; Master Planned
Communities Skilled Nursing Facilities; Valuation of Detrimental Conditions; Real Estate
Fraud and Appraiser’s Role.
Partial List of Clients:
Legal and Accounting Firms:

Pillsburry, Madison & Sutro – L.A.
Schlecht, Shevlin & Shoenberger
Rutan & Tucker – Costa Mesa, CA
Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney – San Francisco
Scott J. Zundel
Best, Best & Krieger
Lending Institutions:
El Dorado Bank
Union Bank
American Commerce Bank
Valley National Bank of Arizona
Home Savings of America
Manufacture’s Bank
First Security Mortgage – Salt Lake City, Utah
PFF Bank & Trust (Formerly Pomona First Federal)
Wells Fargo Bank
First Security Bank
Palm Springs Savings Bank
Farmer’s Merchant Bank – Long Beach
First Community Bank
Riverside National Bank
Palm Desert National Bank
San Diego National Bank
Bank of the Desert
Mitsubishi Bank, LTD
Bank of California
Midland Financial – Clearwater, FL
Transco Mortgage Company
First Interstate Bank
Bank of Los Angeles
Government Agencies:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
City of Cathedral City
Bureau of Land Management ( BLM )
RTC – Contract
Palm Springs California Edison
City of Palm Desert
Southern California Edison
City of Moreno Valley
Southern California Gas
City of Rancho Mirage
Department of Indian Affairs – Sacramento, CA
City of Coachella
City of Indio
City Indian Wells
City of Palm Springs
Farmer Home Administration
County of Riverside
State of California Department of Ins.
U.S. Department of Agricultural
SBA Regional Office
City of La Quinta
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Riverside County Housing
Riverside County Flood Control
Schools:Desert Sands Unified School District
Morongo Unified School DistrictPalm Springs Unified School District
Utilities:Coachella Valley Water District
Morongo Water DistrictCal – Trans
Desert Water Agency
Eisenhower Medical Center
JFK Memorial Hospital
Riverside General Hospital
Desert Hospital
Bechtel Corporation
Motion Picture & TV Fund
Non-Profit Organizations:
Berger Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Insurance Companies:
Republic Western, Scottsdale, AZ
Real Estate Development & Engineering:
Wessman Construction Company
Strother Construction Company
American Properties Funding
Regency Homes – Peter Soloman
Del Webb California Corporation
Orr Construction
Lowe Development
Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Ocean Properties – San Diego
Ruby Broadcasting Company
Oliphant & Lizza, Development Group

Appraisal Functions Include:
 Acquisitions, Bankruptcy, Bond Financing, Condemnation, Construction Defect, Disposition 
 and Liquidation Decision Making, Abundance of Caution for Federally Related Transaction,
 Donation, Estate Tax Appeal, Exchange, Excess Land, Determination of Economic
 Feasibility and Market Absorption, Foreclosures, Litigation, Real Property Tax Appeal,
 Negotiation, Partnership Dissolution, Portfolio Review for Non-Profits, Redevelopment,
 Lending for Real Property and Going Concern, Group Rental for Long Term Leases,
 Determining Highest and Best Use of Undeveloped Acreage, Claims of Damage to
 Real Estate Caused by Other Party, USPAP Compliance Appraisal Review.
Typical Appraisal Assignments:
Airport Expansions, Assessment Districts, Electrical & Access R/W’s, Flood Control
Projects, Park Sites, Subterranean Pipeline Easements, Golf Courses, Proposed Prison
 Sites, Public Right -of – Way Dedications, Railroad R/W’s, School Sites, Temporary Easements,
 Urban and Rural Mountainous Land, Indian and Leaseholds and Lease Fees, Mountainous
Communication Tower Sites, IRS seizes on Questionable Properties, Desert Lands,
 Accretion Interests Caused By Changing River Courses, and RTC Deposition for Auctions.

Drug Rehab Centers, Cold Storage Facilities, Mobile Home Parks, Day Care Centers,
Mini-Storage, Newspaper Buildings, Proposed Service Station, Car-washes, Apartment
Complexes, Medical Office Buildings, Neighborhood & Community Shopping Centers,
 Residential and Commercial Subdivisions, Restaurant Going – Concern, Undeveloped
Acreage, Highest and Best Used Studies, Highway Patrol Facilities, Churches, Special
Purpose Properties, Trucking, Distribution Facilities, Golf Course Properties, Proposed
Time-Share Developments, Aggregate Retail and Bulk or Wholesale Values of
Proposed Subdivision Developments, Retrospective Real Property Valuations, Motels,
Parking Lots, Gypsum Mine Acres, Clothing Optional Resorts, R & D Industrial Facilities,
 Historical Buildings, Agricultural Going – Concern, Riverfront Properties, Ranch’s and
Equestrian Centers, Thoroughbred Racehorse Farms, Sports Clubs, Multi -Screen Movie
Theaters, High-rise Office Buildings, Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s), to Estimate
 Liquidation Value for Forced Sale or Auction Proceedings, Recreation Properties,
 Campgrounds, and Cemeteries.

Valuation Consulting Services offered for:

Fee Simple Estate
Leased Fee Estate
Lease Hold Estate
Sandwich Leasehold Estate
Life Estates
Vertical Estates (Subsurface & Air Rights)
Partnership Interests
– Joint Tenancy Value
– Tenancy by the Entirety Value
– Tenancy in Common Value
Market Rental Value
Specialized Fractional Ownership
– Condominium Interest
– Cooperative Interest
– Timeshare Interest
Legal Entities Affecting Ownership
– Stock Corporation Market Value
– Land Trust Beneficiary’s Partial Interest
– Fixed Assets
– Tangible Assets Value
– Intangible Assets Value
– Financial Assets Value
– General and Limited Partnership Interests
– Equity Syndications
– Closely Held Business
– Going Concern Value (Real Property & Business Value)
– Business Value only
– Liquidation Value vs. Continued Operation of Business
– Use Value (as opposed to Value in Exchange)
Investment Value (individual’s Investment Return Objectives)
Highest and Best Use Analysis Impacting Value
– Economic Feasibility Studies
Eminent Domain (State and Federal Rule)
– Just Compensation Estimates for Public Takings of Private Property Interests
– Determination of the “ Larger Parcel”
– Other Legal Matters
– Valuation of Detrimental Conditions, Construction Defects, etc.
– Diminution of Value (Before and After)


Resort and Urban Property Valuation Consultants
Valuation and financial Consultants
244 2nd Avenue N., Suite 9
St. Petersburg, Fl  33701
TEL. (760) 413.5011


Valuexpose Inc. is a real property and financial consulting firm specializing in litigation consulting and real property/business valuation consulting services. Founded in 1980 as a
real property/business valuation firm, Valuexpose Inc. consists of a team of dedicated professionals with experience in financial and economic analysis, real property valuation consulting, business valuation
consulting, condemnation, damage analysis and related disciplines.


Raymond Dozier, MAI has extensive expertise in valuation of all types of complex real property interests and of close-held businesses. The firm provides assistance in valuation matters for:

Real Property:

Estates; Private Lending
Commercial Lending
Eminent Domain Proceedings
Highest and Best Use Analysis
Partial Interest Valuation
Economic Feasibility
Market Rental and Absorption

Marital Dissolution
Community Property Settlement
Partnership or Corporate Dissolution
Estate, Gift and Other Tax Matters
Stock Contributions to Charitable Organizations
General Business Litigation

The firm has completed thousands of valuation assignments covering wide spectrum of industries including:

Financial Services
Public Agencies
Professional Practice
Sports & Leisure

In addition, Raymond Dozier, MAI has expertise in valuing intangible business assets, including:

Going Concern Value
Existing Contracts
Brand Names & Registered Trademarks
Affiliation Agreements
Firm Rights
Leasehold Interests
Employment Contracts
Mailing Lists
Water Rights
Tax Credits for Past Losses

Community Property Matters:

The valuation of a going business or professional practice in a community property division is a complicated process requiring a broad-based knowledge of the laws pertaining to
community property business valuations. Although Dozier Appraisal Company does not render legal services, the firm has significant expertise in community property assignments,
including the valuation of non-salable professional goodwill and calculations relating to the allocation of business appreciation between community and separate property (Pereira and Van Camp analysis).

Eminent Domain Matters:

Raymond Dozier, MAI has extensive experience in just Compensation estimates for public takings of private property interests. One of the most critical factors in determining the
taking's “before” and “after” market value is the estimation of “what is the Larger Parcel”? Damages to the remainder due to a partial taking can be significant. Consequently, it is
critical that the "Larger Parcel" be accurately determined. Raymond Dozier, MAI can be instrumental in providing legal counsel consultation in review of opposition’s appraisal;
suggested line of questioning in valuation matters regarding depositions and trials; and a fair and though explanation of all influences that impact market value.


Raymond Dozier, MAI provides a full spectrum of litigation support services to the legal community. The firm’s area of expertise includes evaluation of economic damage resulting
from business torts, breach of contract, personal injury, wrongful termination and other causes of action. Litigation support services range from document review and preliminary
damage calculations to complete financial analysis and research culminating in a formal, written report or expert testimony.

Financial and Economic Analysis:

Valuexpose Inc. provides financial and economic analysis to a estimate damages in civil litigation matters. The professional staff of Dozier Appraisal Company has expertise in
damage analysis and computing lost profits for many types of cases, including:

Breach of Contract
Business Interruption
Business Torts
Copyright Infringement
Fraud and Embezzlement
Lender Liability
Patent Infringement
Personal Injury
Professional Liability
Wrongful Death
Wrongful Termination

Forensic Appraising Services:

The firm performs investigative services in the areas of:
Tracing separate and community funds
Searching for unrecorded income
Analyzing expenses and expenditures
Reconstruction of incomplete or inaccessible records

Other Consulting Services:

In addition to our other services, Dozier Appraisal Company can facilitate discovery, settlement negotiation and trial preparation by:

Providing economic research
Reviewing financial documents and selecting key items to be analyzed
Conducting quantitative analysis for settlement negotiations
Locating outside information sources
Preparing questions for and interpreting responses of other financial witnesses
Assisting in cross examination preparation
Critiquing opinion and providing rebuttal testimony

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