Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Warning To First Time Condo or Single Family Buyers!

Is your SFR & condo’s sale price or market value in a bubble and going to collapse during the current economic cycle?

Millennials currently thinking about buying their first condo or single family house witnessed the collapse of residential values in the mid 2000’s economic cycle.  

Many of you potential buyers are wondering if this is a good time to purchase in our current economic cycle. In many markets, entry level condos and single family housing prices have reached their pre-recession price levels. 

How do you know if you’re purchasing that specific condo or single family in a localized serious bubble as many economist are warning? If this is the case, your purchase price will collapse and possibly leaving you with more mortgage than house value. 

On the flip side, your purchase price might be an awesome buying opportunity with more upside then you or the market realizes. 

You’re the first generation to have access to a free financial modeling technology that solves this important buyer concern. This software was created by experienced licensed credentialed appraisers and financial analysts. 

To use this software, you simply…

  • Answer four basic questions about your possible condo or SFR purchase. 
  • Insert the asking price or market value of your property. 
  • Print out an easy to read report explaining the hidden risks.  

To get your free customized report, press HERE to receive a login and password to this cloud based software. You will also receive a free training video explaining how the software works. 

You’ll be able to make the right buying decision regarding your proposed purchase within 30 minutes once you receive this information. 

Using this information will help you…
  • Realize you’re making an awesome buying decision, or
  • Negotiate a better sale price, or
  • Decide to cancel your purchase and wait for the next cycle to begin. 

If you decide to purchase the property, you can continually monitor the property’s market value indicating the prime time to refinance or sell at the top of the market.  

Your e-mail will remain confidential and will never be given to sales people or spammers.  We sincerely want you to make the best decision BEFORE you buy instead of regretting your purchase AFTER a bubble burst.  

Sign up now! Press HERE and give yourself the peace of mind that you’re making the right investment to one of life's biggest financial decision. 

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